Dog Friendly Parks

Are you looking for a way to keep your pup active and healthy while exploring some of London’s most beautiful green spaces? Look no further than dog walking in Hyde Park, Holland Park, and Kensington Gardens. With acres of lush greenery, tree-lined paths, and plenty of dog-friendly areas, these parks offer the perfect backdrop for a fun-filled walk with your canine companion. Whether you’re seeking a group or solo walk, we are here to take care of your dog!.

As a responsible and caring dog owner, it’s important to ensure that your furry friend gets plenty of exercise and fresh air to keep them happy and healthy. But if you’re unable to give them the attention they need, a reliable and professional dog walking service can help. That’s where Pawsh Dog Walking comes in.

We offer group and solo walks in some of the most beautiful and dog-friendly parks in Chelsea and Kensington. Our experienced dog walkers are passionate about their job and are committed to providing the best care possible for your beloved pets.

Group walks are a great way for your dog to socialize with other furry friends, while solo walks offer a more personalized experience for dogs that prefer their own company. We believe that every dog is unique, and we tailor our walks to their individual needs and preferences.

We take pride in the quality of our services and the level of care we provide. We are fully insured, trained in canine first aid, and the most important, we love animals! We understand that trusting someone with your pet is a big decision, and we want you to have complete peace of mind knowing that your dog is in safe hands.

Our walks take place in some of the most beautiful parks in the area, including Hyde Park, Holland Park, and Battersea Park. These parks are not only stunning but also offer a range of amenities for dogs, such as dog-friendly cafes and dedicated off-leash areas.

During our walks, we ensure that your dog gets plenty of exercise and stimulation, whether it’s playing fetch, going for a jog, or simply exploring new sights and smells. We also provide fresh water, treats, and plenty of cuddles and attention.

At Pawsh Dog Walking, we understand that every dog is unique, and we tailor our services to meet their individual needs. Whether you have an energetic pup that needs a long hike or a senior dog that prefers a leisurely stroll, we’ve got you covered.

Our services are flexible, and we offer a range of options to suit your schedule and budget. Whether you need a one-off walk or regular daily walks, we’re here to help.